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About V & M Legal Associates

Lawyers Uvita Costa Rica

lawyers uvita costa rica

We are a Costa Rican husband and wife team, made up of an Attorney & Notary (Vilma) and a Legal advisor (Paralegal who holds a law degree) & former builder (Moe) who lived in the United States for 20 years and 2.5 years in Canada. As Costa Rican Natives who understand North American standards of service, we believe that we are uniquely qualified to help you build your dream here in Costa Ballena-Uvita Region of Costa Rica or the Whale Coast in English, home of the world famous (whales tale) whales nesting grounds, Marino Ballena National Park.

Vilma Acuña Arias
Founder and Principal

Hola, my name is VILMA ACUÑA ARIAS and I am a native Costa Rican, Attorney and Notary, and a member of the Costa Rica Bar Association. I am a respected member of the local legal community and have practiced law for 12 years here in Costa Rica. Dagoberto Mora, my husband better known as "Moe" in the community, is also a Costa Rican Native who lived in the U.S. and Canada for many years. As a team, (V & M Associates) using my legal experience and his truly fluent English language skills as well as his knowledge of the law and understanding of building planning (being a builder himself for years), we believe we have a unique ability to make your dreams in Costa Rica come true. If you are researching or moving to Uvita-Costa Ballena or the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica, we would love to give you a free consultation. Please allow us the opportunity to help you avoid the challenges many families and entrepreneurs
face upfront.

Dagoberto Mora = Moe
Legal Assistant & Founder

Hello, my name is Dogoberto Mora, but my friends and colleagues call me ‘Moe’. While I am a Costa Rican native, I have previously lived abroad in the United States and Canada for over 20 years, allowing me to master the English language as well as the cultural and professional expectations most of my clients are looking for. I am aware of the often intimidating and nerve-wracking process of buying a property, building a home, or starting any sort of business in Costa Rica. My wife and I form a legal team that can assist you with these processes with diligence, respect and honesty. You will soon realize we will become your number one advocate in Costa Rica. We specialize in giving you reasonable expectations so you are not frustrated by the process, and have plenty of experience to expedite things for you as well. Together, my wife and I make a great team with integrity and the level of professionalism most North Americans expect in all we do. Allow my fluency in English, my knowledge of most legal aspects and my background in building to be at your service.

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