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Legal Services in Costa Rica

Professional legal advice and legal services in Costa Rica are very important aspect to consider before purchasing anything major in Costa Rica and in fact, a qualified attorney familiar with the area you want to buy in really should be your first contact. If you are in the researching and or planning phase, you will appreciate our years of personal experiences in the USA and Canada, and our understanding of the professional service and high level of expectations you expect in all your legal matters.

The buying process in CR is quite similar to the U.S.A, Canada, and most stable countries; for example using escrow services, and requiring inspections, however undoubtedly there are differences to the process you will need to be guided through step by step to make sure is done right and with your best interest at heart. Most often we recommend properties be purchased through corporations for liability and tax reasons however there are exceptions. We help our clients establish the proper corporations ensuring proper alignment with Costa Rican Laws and assisting them in all aspects of their project, including putting them in touch with quality builders or contractors and making sure their paperwork is in order in advance of the timeline so that things move quickly.

When acquiring property we will also perform all the necessary title search and due diligence to ensure the property has a clean title, free of any liens, no overlapping or boundary disputes, and is safe and clean to transfer the ownership.

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