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Car Transfers

buying a car in costa rica

Buying a Car in Costa Rica

How to buy or sell a new or used car in Costa Rica?

First, as part of the negotiations of a motor vehicle in Costa Rica, it is advisable to check the mechanical conditions of the car before buying a car in Costa Rica. Next, is a title search in the National Registry to make sure there are no legal issues, encumbrances, or fines on the vehicle.Vehicle ownership must be transferred with the help of a lawyer / notary by law, so If you’re buying or selling a vehicle in Costa Rica, you need our help to complete the paperwork process that is involved in transferring a car’s title.

What are the legal requirements to purchase or sale a vehicle in Costa Rica?

The car must also be up-to-date with the payment of annual circulation tax (marchamo) on vehicles, technical review (RETEVE), and be free of encumbrances, annotations, accidents and traffic violations tickets.

How is the title transfer to the new owner?

After the completion of the title search, then the next step is to sign the corresponding document before a notary to transfer the title of sale of the vehicle. We recommend you visit our office to get the information about it or the formalization of that act.

What is the cost involved to transfer the title for the car in Costa Rica?

The amount to be paid for the registration stamps and transfer tax is approx. 3.5 % percent of the recorded value in the National Registry, plus the notary fees approx. 1.5% of the same value. All duly detail and base in the Bar Association fees.

Buying a Car in Costa Rica

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